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Founded in 2016 by Long Island native, Michael Gabriel, The Provisioner NY Deli and Café was sold in 2019 and lives on through new owner, Executive Chef Ryan Audette.

Ryan and his wife, Heather, are Rhode Island natives raising three young children with a love of food, family, and adventure. Chef Ryan’s culinary career began at one of the largest catering companies in the area, with roles including Catering Manager and Executive Chef. He graduated from Johnson and Wales University, with an Associate Degree in culinary arts and a Bachelor’s Degree in food and beverage management. His passion for quality cuisine paired with the determination to have his own restaurant materialized after acquiring The Provisioner.

With simple and quality ingredients, Chef Ryan aims to create an extraordinary dining experience. The warm and welcoming atmosphere makes The Provisioner the ideal spot for young diners, foodie families, a relaxing date night, or celebrating a special occasion. The Audette family invites you to share in their passion for food and value of friendship, as they create memories and watch their dreams grow, at The Provisioner.

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